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Automatic Single Head Ampoule Filling & Sealing Machine

Automatic Single Head Ampoule Filling and Sealing Machine
The Single Head Ampoule Filling And Sealing Machinesmanufactured by us are offered with innovative designs to meet the specific demands of our clients in the industrial environment. Further, these ampoule filling machines can be availed in various optional accessories like AC. Frequency drive for speed control digital counter.
• Electrical rating: 0. 5 hp
• Power characteristic: 230 volts, 1phase.
• Finish/painted: S. S. Finish
• Dimensions: 500mm (l) x 500mm w x 500mm h
• Net weight: 150 kg
• Finish/painted: S. S. Finish
• Ampoules size: 1ml to 25 ml ampoules
The sterilized ampoule tray can be directly loaded in to slant hopper of the unit. The synchronized star wheel delivers ampoules, one by one on moving eccentric ampoule rack in single or two's or four's during the stoppage of rack sequentially pre-gassing, filling, post gassing, pre heating (for single and double head only) and final sealing i annealing is achieved.
At the end to the rack, optional synchronized pusher pushes out ampoules in to tray in vertical position.
Change over each sizes:
The basic unit fitted with parts, suitable for any one size of ampoule and any one fill size syringe1 syringes. in the event of change over of each size of ampoule, following change parts such as Star Wheel, Needles and Syringes are required.