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Automatic Four Head Vial Filling & Rubber Stoppering Machine

AUTOMATIC High Speed LIQUID Vial Filling & VACUUM Rubber Stoppering Machine
MODEL: AHVF 4, 6 & 8
High Speed Automatic Vial Filling & Rubber Stoppering Machine suitable for the filling & rubber stoppering of glass vials. Our Automatic Vial Filling & Rubber Stoppering Machine is widely uses in SMALL & large volume injectable preparations. Machine consist automatic feeding, filling, bunging & ejection system all complies as per cGMP requirements. Automatic Vial Filling & Rubber Stoppering Machine can be attached to Vial Washing Machine and Vial Cap Sealing Machine in order to complete online Sterile Vial Filling Line. Machine complies as per GMP requirements. Our standard machine equipped with stainless steel piston pump for the liquid filing, further we can also provide peristaltic pump for higher filling accuracy upon specific customer request.
Salient Features:
• Suitable for the filling Volume of 2ml to 250ml.
• Piston pump/Peristaltic pump aseptic filling.
• Filling with accuracy of ±0.5-1%
• Filling with accuracy of ±0.5-1%.
• All Contact Parts Made from S.S 316L & framework by S.S. 304.
• ariable A.C. frequency drive for speed adjustment.
• Digital Vial Counter for counting production output.
• In-feed Turn Table/ Unscrambler for automatic feeding of objects.
• On-line Mechanism.
• “No Vial - No Filling” system.
• “No Vial - Machine Stop” system.
• IQ/OQ documentation can be provided
• PLC with Graphical User Interface. (Optional)
Process Operation:
The incoming dry vial (sterilized and siliconised) are fed through the unscrambler and suitably guided on the moving delrin slat conveyor belt at the required speed of the correct placement below filling unit. The filling unit consists of Filling Head, Syringes & Nozzles which are used for liquid filling. The syringes are made of S.S. 316 construction and both, glass as well as S.S. syringes can be used. A Star Wheel is provided which holds the vial during filling operation. A sensor is provided for 'No Vial-No Filling' operation. Syringes are mounted on eccentric block and driving through bottom main gear box. Volume can be either increased or decreased by increasing or decreasing stroke length of piston as per filling size. Syringes is having non return valve for sucking and delivering situation to avoid volume variation. Liquid will reach to filling nozzles through silicon transparent pipe. Nozzle will be having Up and Down movement with help of cam mechanism and it will come down when vial will be hold by starwheel for filling operation and starts filling when it starts to move up and after completion of filling operation, starwheel delivers six vials together on conveyor for rubber stoppering operation.
Technical Specification:
Model AHVF- 4, 6 & 8
No. of Filling Heads four, six & Eight
Input Specification -
Container Diameter: 15mm to 70mm
Container Height: 25mm to 140mm
Rubber Stopper: 13mm, 20mm & 28mm Butyl with the help of change parts
Filling Range 2ml to 250ml
Filling Accuracy ±0.5-1%
Power Supply 1.5 H.P.
Electrical Characteristics 440 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hertz, 4 Wire System
Optional Accessories Programmable Logic Control (System) with MMI
- Safety Cabinet covering full machine


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