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Automatic Ampoule Paper Rondo Tray Packing Machine

Automatic Ampoule Paper Rondo Tray Packing Machine

Basic units consist of a rondo tray hopper, a denesting station, a product hopper, a rotary filling stations, an inserting wheel, and controls switches.

The machine should be used for Ampoules to be packed in rondo trays for which it has been fitted with.

The nested trays are placed directly in the rondo tray hopper in the same position as received from the suppliers. Filled and labeled ampoules are placed in the product hopper in vertical position.

Now, operate the machine for a short time, by pressing inching Push Button with a view to obtain uniform packing of ampoules in to rondo trays..

The dog chain moves out each pair of nested rondos and transfers them to the denesting station where they are separated and positioned face up.

The rotary transfer wheel picks up a preselected number of ampoules and drops them in the rondo flutes.

The ampoules next are firmly inserted in to the flute of the rondo by means of the inserting wheel. Direction Of The Operation Will Be Left To Right.

Machine occupies very little floor space as compare to hand packing.

Machine occupies very little floor space as compare to hand packing.

Very simple in operation. Size changes take less than fifteen minutes and require no special tools.

Machines efficiency allows short runs and frequent changes.

If ampoules placement found satisfactory, the machine is put into operation.

Now push green push button for continuous operations.

Size of Ampoules:
The machine used to pack Ampoules from 10mm to 17mmin diameter in to rondo trays in the horizontal position .

The height of the round Ampoules should be proportional to the diameter. In the event of unusual height, kindly get the Ampoules examined at our works before putting the machine into operation.

Size of rondo trays.

The machine is suitable for following dimensions of the rondo trays.

Dimension Minimum Maximum
Length 50mm 220mm
Height 50mm 80mm
Change parts:
The machine is fitted with the change-parts suitable for any one size of Ampoules as per the order and samples tried out.
The machine can be pre-set for the different size of Ampoules and rondos trays with change-parts.
the changes in star wheel depends on change in ampoules diameters, changes in numbers of fills per rondo or changes in rondo dimensions.
Technical Specification:
Output 40 Tray / Minitue
Power 415 Volts, 3Ph, 5 Wire
Electrical Rating 1 HP 1440 RPM
Finished/ Painted S.S. Finish
Overall Dimension (In mm) L 2800 x W 800 x H 1500
Net Weight 800kgs Approx.
Input Specification:
Container (Object) Diameter 10 to 17 mm
Container Height 50 to 80 mm
Rondo Length 220 mm
Salient Feature:
Flap opening station, over printing device, flap closing station & gumming station
Airjet for flap opening
Online label applicator with online batch printing units for c types paper trays
No rondo no object
Ac drives
Digital counter


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