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Automatic Vertical Ampoule & Vial Labeling Machine

Automatic vertical Ampoule/ Vial Wet Glue Labeling Machine
Automatic vertical Ampoule/Vial Wet glue Labeling Machine offered by us is designed to deliver accurate labeling with minimum glue consumption. Further, the unique designs of this machine also ensure that these machines are labor saving and require low maintenance. Further, our clients can avail these with the optional accessories like A. C. Frequency drive for speed control over printing devices collection units for ampoules.
Mode of Operation & Description:
• The machine labels Ampoules and other Cylindrical containers with diameter from 10mm minimum to 17mm maximum and with a cylindrical body height for min 22mm to max. 130mm
• It uses ready-cut labels from stack from a width of 18mm minimum and a length of 25mm minimum to a width of 50mm maximum and length of 50mm maximum
• The rated output is 200 containers per minute maximum. It is recommended to use labels of 52 to 55 gsm to achieve rated output. The mechanical machine speed is variable up to this rated output
• The Loading Screw releases containers into a Transfer Wheel in which containers each held between a pair of rollers and back up guide are passed to the labeling station in a upright position
• The labels are taken from the stack in a label box. The glue segment coated with glue by a rubber roller takes the label by means of adhesion out of oscillating Label box and moves them to the labeling cylinder
• With its mechanically actuated fingers the labeling cylinder takes over the glue coated labels which are at the same time held by vacuum and passed them to the container
• At the instant when the label touches the containers, the vacuum is released and label is glued to the container
• The labeled containers from the Transfer Wheel are pushed into a unloading tray
The round containers positioned accurately by the feed worm for wrap-around operation at the labeling point, the rotating glue cylinder receives cold glue from glue pot that subsequently gets transferred on the Glue Rubber Roller. Finally a fine, even and thin film of glue is transferred to the gluing pad. The round container on the moving conveyor at the feed worm actuates a sequence, which result in the oscillation of the Label Box. The rotating Label Master aligned with the help of pick up fingers from the Label Master & with oscillating Label Box. The pick up cylinder receives labels with the help of pick up fingers from the label master. The pick up cylinder holds the labels perfectly with due to vacuum during its rotational movement. Simultaneously the pick-up fingers move inside, The round container moves on conveyor with the help of worm and glued label on pick-up cylinder wrapped around to container by virtue of strip belts.Then the labeled container moves further through a rubber pressing belt & stationary rubber pad that ensures neat & perfect fixing of label.
• Electrical Rating: 1 HP gear motor, 1 HP 415 volts, 3 phase, for vacuum pumps
• Characteristic: 415 volts, 3 phase, 4 wire systems, 50 cycles/sec
• Finish/Painted: S.S. Finish
• Dimensions: 1530 x 1650 x 1280 mm (L x W x H)
• Net Weight: 800 kg
• Output/hour: 10000 TO 12000 objects
• Ampoules Size: 9.5mm to 17 mm
• Label Length: 25mm to 50 mm
• Label Height: 21 mm to 50 mm
Size of Ampoule/Vial:
• The machine labels round ampoule/vial from 10mm to 50mm diameter in the horizontal position.
• The height of the round ampoule/vials should be proportional to the diameter. In the event of unusual height, kindly get the ampoules/vials examined at our works before putting the machine into operation.
Size of label:
  Minimum Maximum
Length 20mm 100mm
Height 16mm 55mm
Quality of label:
• The direction of grains of the label must always be parallel to the ampoules/vial axis. The paper should be flexible (approximate: 60-70 g/ms.)
Change Parts:
• The machine is fitted with the change-parts suitable for one size of ampoule/vial and/or label as per the order and samples tried out.
• The machine can be pre-set for the different size of ampoules/vials and labels with change-parts.
Drive System:
• Adjustment of speed
• By turning small hand wheel (134) provided in the center of the sub-structure, in the clockwise/anti-clockwise direction, the speed of the machine is adjustable from 60 to 100 ampoules/vials per minute.
Output indicator:
• Production counter (409) provided on the machine frame of the machine would continuously feed the information of number of labels glued on the ampoules/vials.


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